UAMS Faculty Wellness Program

UAMS Faculty Wellness Program

Background: In 2006 the UAMS College of Medicine developed a wellness program for its faculty with the goal of addressing acute needs that might prevent a person from reaching his/her optimal state of wellbeing. In addition to providing confidential free services, the college, under the leadership of Dr. Wendy Ward, also developed an excellent webpage that has many additional resources. Now, the program is open to faculty in ALL UAMS Colleges and is under the director of Dr. Ronald Salomon.

Vision: Vital faculty members, thriving institution. Promoting the vitality and health of faculty members forms the foundation for a thriving institution.

Mission: Support the wellbeing of all faculty members.

Specific Program Strategies:

  • Provide confidential access to a psychiatrist in a timely fashion. Initial triage consultations are held onsite at UAMS at a time that is convenient for the faculty member and in a place that is comfortable for the faculty member.
  • Approximately 3-5 initial visits with the psychiatrist. Assistance with referrals outside the program when indicated. Referrals can be to PRI or to community-based providers.
  • Provide educational programs to optimize wellbeing and health on campus.
  • Participate in leading institutional and environmental change that fosters the health of our entire faculty.


  • Rapid access to psychiatric expertise when average waiting times in the community are over 1 month.
  • The professional available to the faculty member is a member of the faculty himself and understands many of the stresses of working in the academic health center setting, including promotion and tenure.
  • The initial consultations are entirely confidential and without any charge. A significant number of faculty members voice concern about stigma and repercussions associated with seeing a psychiatrist. Documentation is not entered into the official UAMS electronic medical record system.
  • Creating a culture in our academic medical center that emphasizes the wellbeing of ALL our faculty members.


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Updated 2/26/2016