UA Board of Trustees Policies

Selected Policies Governing Faculty Service

Academic Senate, UAMS: Constitution of the Campus Assembly (Board Policy 1210.1)

Appendix II revised (Board Policy 1210.0)

Addition, Deletion, Suspension and Modification of Academic Programs (Board Policy 620.1)

Appointments, Promotion, Tenure, Non-Reappointment, and Dismissal of Faculty (Board Policy 405.1)

Authorization of Offset Amounts Due University (Board Policy 405.2)

Contracting Authority (Board Policy 300.1)

Emeritus Status (Board Policy 475.1)

Employment Periods (Board Policy 405.4)

Nepotism (Board Policy 410.1)

Notice to Students of Registered Sex Offenders (Board Policy 525.1)

Outside Employment of Faculty for Compensation (Board Policy 450.1)

Patents and Copyrights (Board Policy 210.1)

Political Activity (Board Policy 465.1)

Promotion and Tenure Polices (College of Medicine)

Resignations of Employment (Board Policy 405.3)

Retirement Age (Board Policy 425.4)

Retrenchment and Academic Planning Retrenchment (Board Policy 405.5)

University of Arkansas Retirement Program (Board Policy 425.5)