Student Events Request

As described in the UAMS Event Policy (3.1.47),  events must be submitted through the Event Form for review and approval. This includes on campus and off campus events planned by colleges and recognized student organizations. The Chancellor is requiring that all UAMS events be conducted in a 100% virtual setting, when possible, due to the current environment.

In recognition that some events may not translate well to virtual delivery, limited exceptions may be considered for face to face events to support institutional mission and goals.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis by Academic Affairs if it is not possible to be 100% virtual. Event organizers must abide by all applicable COVID-19 directives of the Arkansas Department of Health and UAMS. Large gatherings are discouraged. Approved events shall use sanitation protocols and social distancing practices. Event organizers should keep a list of their event participants in the event of a need for contact tracing.

To request approval for any student event (virtual or request an exception for face to face), please submit the Event Form at least 2 weeks before the event date. If you have an event planned in the next 2 weeks (as of September 22, 2020), it will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Information needed for event evaluation includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Event description
  • How the event will be executed in coordination with the Arkansas Department of Health guidelines
  • Expected attendance and who will attend