Academic Affairs Policies

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Academic or Professional Policies
2.1.1 Social Networking
2.1.3 Non-Discrimination Statement
2.2.1 Student Grievance Procedure
2.2.2 Registration of Recognized Student Organizations
2.2.5 Student Accommodation Policy
2.2.9 Formal Complaint Resolution Policy
Student Records and Enrollment Policies
2.1.01 (UAMS Admin Guide) Confidentiality Policy
2.1.2 FERPA Policy
2.1.5 Assignment of Credit Hours for Education Programs
2.2.8 Transfer Credit Policy
2.2.10 Student Leave of Absence Policy
2.2.11 Determination of Student Location
4.1.2 Student Discontinuation
2.2.4 Student or Student’s Spouse Called into Military Duty
Tuition and Fees Policies
3.1.1 Student Account and Fee Administration
3.1.2 Student Payment Plan
3.1.4 Tuition and Fee Refunds for Adding and/or Dropping Courses
3.1.5 Tuition and Fees Refunds for Students Withdrawing from UAMS
3.1.6 Tuition Calculation for Dual or Combined Degree Plans and Dual Enrollment
3.1.8 Collection of Student Tuition, Fees and Other Charges
3.2.1 Standards and Processes for Determining Student Residency Status
3.4.1 Student Emergency Loan Policy
Health and Safety
1.4.1 Needle Stick Policy
1.4.2 Student Health Screening
1.4.4 For-Cause Student Drug Testing
1.4.5 Missing Student Policy
2.2.3 Student Health Insurance
2.2.6 Non-discrimination in Admission and Retention of Students Known to be infected with a Blood Borne Pathogen
1.5.2 Public Health Emergency Student Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines
Institutional Policies
3.1.01 (Admin Guide) UAMS Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy
12.1.01 (Admin Guide) Academic Visitors Policy
4.5.01 (Admin Guide) Affirmative Action
3.1.48 (Admin Guide) Title IX, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Violence, Stalking, Gender-Based Harassment and Retaliation Policy
2.1.01 (Admin Guide) HIPAA Confidentiality Policy
3.3.01 (Admin Guide) Safety Guidelines During Public Health Emergencies