UAMS Policies on Research and Grant Awards

Authority of the Institutional Review Board (Executive Memorandum)

Committee on Clinical Research (Admin Policy 12.1.07)

Compensation for Employee Participation in Research (Admin Policy 4.2.13)

Direct Costing Policy (Admin Policy 8.3.17) — guidance on determining direct vs. indirect costs on federal grants

Distribution of Royalties from Patents, Copyrights and Licenses (Admin Policy 12.1.05)

Ethical Standards in Research and Procedure (Admin Policy 12.1.04)

Grants and Contracts Proposal/Award Procedures (Admin Policy 12.1.01)

Mandatory Education Policy for Investigators/Study Personnel Participating in Human Subject Research Projects (Admin Policy 12.1.06)

Patent & Copyright Policy (UA Board Policy 210.1)

Responsibilities of the Central Administration (Admin Policy 12.1.02)

Responsibilities of the Principal Investigators (Admin Policy 12.1.03)

Review and Approval of UAMS Clinical Research by the UAMS Committee on Clinical Research (Admin Policy 12.1.08)


UAMS Administrative Guide


Other References and Resources

IRB Policies and Procedures – Guide to research compliance

Investigator’s Handbook – Guide to conducting research on campus


Research Administration and Support Units

A number of units are available to UAMS faculty involved in research, including those located at the VA and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, including:

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Clinical Research Administration (CLARA)
General Clinical Research Center

Institutional Review Board (Human Subject Review)
Office of Clinical Trials
Office of Grants & Scientific Publications
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research Compliance

Regulatory Affairs

UAMS Patient and Copyright Disclosure Committee