UAMS Leave Policies

Annual Leave/Vacation (Admin Policy 4.6.04)

Attendance at Professional Meetings

Catastrophic Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.07)

Children’s Educational Activities Leave (Admin. Policy 4.6.12) NEW!

Court and Jury Duty Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.06)

Educational Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.10)

Family Medical Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.11)

Holidays (Admin Policy 4.6.02)

Inclement Weather (Admin Policy 3.1.02)

Leave of Absence Without Pay (Admin Policy 4.6.08)

Military Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.05)

Off Campus Duty Assignments (Admin Memorandum 435.4)

Sick Leave (Admin Policy 4.6.03)

Voting Time (Admin Policy 4.06.09)


UAMS Administrative Guide