1. Applications, Acceptances, and Enrollment

Five-year Trend Applications, Acceptances, and Enrollment (AAE)

In Fall 2018, the methodology for reporting applications was modified. If a program requires a CAS (centralized application service) application, applicants that submitted a CAS and UAMS online application (OAA) were counted as an application for UAMS institutional reports. In previous years, applications with only a CAS (and not an OAA) may have been included in application counts for some programs. This change allows UAMS to consistently report application data across the campus. Data for application reports (ex. gender of applicants) can be gathered from the UAMS student information system (GUS) which was not possible prior to this change. The Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Professions and Public Health all have at least one program that requires a CAS. Only fall application data is listed on the AAE report.


Updated 11/16/2022