2018-19 Revised or New Academic Affairs Policies

6All Academic Affairs policies are reviewed and revised (if necessary) at minimum every two years by the Academic Policy Committee and Council of Deans. Policies that were created or revised in 2018-19 are listed below. Policies reviewed with no changes are not listed. To view policies, please click here and search by policy name.

Policy New or Revised
1.3.1 UAMS Governor Winthrop Rockefeller Distinguished Lectureship Committee Revision
1.4.2 Student Health Screening New and Revised
2.1.2 FERPA Policy Revision
2.1.3 Non-discrimination Statement Revision
2.2.3 Student Health Insurance Revision
2.2.9 Formal Complaint Resolution Policy New and Revised
2.3.1 Procedure for Approval of Initial Faculty Appointments and Changes in Faculty Status to the UA Board of Trustees Revision
2.3.2 Tenure Status and Part-time Appointments for Tenured Faculty Members Biennial Review
2.3.3 UAMS Criteria and Procedures for Annual Faculty Reviews New
3.1.4 Tuition and Fee Refunds for Adding and Dropping Courses Revised
3.1.5 Tuition and Fee Refunds for Students Withdrawing from UAMS Revised
3.1.6 Tuition Calculation for Dual-Combined Degrees or Dual Enrollment Revised
3.3.1 Non-Resident Diversity Tuition Waiver Policy, Application, and Review Form Biennial Review
3.3.2 Border Counties Out of State Waivers Revised
3.3.4 Non-Resident Academic Tuition Waiver Policy and Application Biennial Review
3.3.5 Employee and Spouse/Dependent In-State Residency Exception for Tuition and Fee Purposes New
3.3.6 Age 60 Plus Tuition and Fees Waiver Revised
3.3.7 Non-Resident Tuition for Native Americans Residency Exception New
3.3.8 Active Military Non-Residency Exception New
3.3.9 Graduate Assistant, Master Lecturers, Graduate Fellows and Graduate Interns Residency Exception New
3.3.10 LULAC Tuition Waiver New
3.5.2 License Plate Scholarship New
3.5.3 Southwestern Energy Scholarship for Interprofessional Education New
5.1.1 GUS Security Policy Revised

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For questions or concerns about UAMS Academic Affairs Policies please contact the Department of Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation at 501-296-1275 or email at kmsterba@uams.edu.