2022-23 Revised or New Academic Affairs Policies

All Academic Affairs policies are reviewed and revised (if necessary) at minimum every two years by the Academic Policy Committee and Council of Deans. Policies that were created or revised in 2022-23 are listed below. Policies reviewed with no changes are not listed. To view policies, please click here.


Policy New or Revised
1.5.2 Public Health Emergency Student Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines Revised
1.5.3 Student Arrest New
2.1.1 Determination of Student Location Revised
2.1.2/a/b/c Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and forms Revised
2.2.3 Student Health Insurance Revised
2.2.9 Student Formal Complaint Resolution Revised
2.2.10 Student Leave of Absence Revised
2.2.11 Use of Social Networking Sites Revised
2.2.13 Administrative Withdrawal and Dismissal New
3.1.1 Student Account and Fee Administration Revision
3.1.2 Student Payment Plan Revision
3.1.3/a Designation of 100% Online Degree Plans for Tuition and Fee Charging Purposes and form Revision
3.1.8 Collection of Student Tuition, Fees and Other Charges Revision
4.1.2 Student Administrative Discontinuation Revision
4.1.3 Recruiting, Admissions, and Enrollment Practices New

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For a list of new or revised policies in 2021-22, click here.

For questions or concerns about UAMS Academic Affairs Policies please contact the Department of Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation at 501-296-1275 or email at kmsterba@uams.edu.


Updated 6/21/2023