Academic Policy Committee


The Academic Policy Committee formulates policies to provide guidance on relevant issues related to education programs and processes; student affairs, faculty issues and other academic and administrative issues.  The committee reviews and recommends proposed policies for approval by the Council of Deans.

Scope of Activities

The Committee develops new policies; revises existing policies, and reviews university-level student and faculty policies published by the colleges and Graduate School to ensure that the information remains current with a high degree of consistency. The Academic Policy Committee also reviews policies affecting the academic enteprise formulated or proposed by UAMS units or individuals.

Policy Library

Click the link below to browse or search UAMS academic policies.


Kristen Sterba, Ph.D., Chair, Director, Department of Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation

April Young, Academic Administration and Accreditation Manager, Department of Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation

Clinton Everhart, Ed.D., Associate Provost for Enrollment Services, Chief Registrar

Dick Wheeler, M.D., Executive Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs, College of Medicine

Kathryn Neill, Pharm.D., Director, Interprofessional Education Administrative and Curricular Affairs

Kevin Ryan, J.D., Associate Professor and Associate  Dean, College of Public Health

Jan Hart, Ed.D., Library Director

Donna Middaugh, Ph.D, R.N.,  Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Nursing

Tina Maddox, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Health Professions

Gloria Kemp, Director, Student Financial Services

Schwanda Flowers, Pharm.D., Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

Latrina Prince, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Andrea Neal, Title IX/ADA Coordinator

James Howe, J.D., Associate General Counsel


For more information about the Academic Policy Committee please contact Kristen Sterba  (501) 296-1275.

Updated 1-18-2019