Student Outcomes

The purpose of collecting and displaying student outcomes at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are two fold:

  1. To continually improve student learning. Information is gathered at the course, department, college, or university level to ascertain students’ knowledge, understanding, and ability to use their knowledge at the end of their academic programs. Results are used for program improvement and also used as research materials in UAMS’ ongoing search to provide better patient care.
  2.  To be transparent with prospective students and the public as to UAMS’ graduation rates, retention rates, employment rates, demographic information and other relevant information to demonstrate value to incoming students and to the state.


UAMS Student Outcomes at the University Level

All Outcomes are program specific

For more information on graduate and program completions including gender and ethnic data and longitudinal trends visit the Graduates Section of the Institutional Reports page.


Other Student Outcome Assessments

College Level:  Each college at UAMS is responsible for developing plans to assess college and university student learning outcomes within their college. These can be found in the individual college websites.

Program/Department Level:  Many programs keep their own student outcomes assessment plans and records because of individual accreditation.  These plans assess achievement of outcomes specified by the program and are hosted on the program web pages.

Course Level: Assessment of student outcomes at the course-level occurs in three primary ways.

  • Most courses conduct end of semester course-evaluations from students.  Many of these surveys include questions about student perception of achievement of outcomes and student learning gains.
  • Also student learning outcomes are reviewed by each college’s curriculum committee and adjustments are made as needed.
  • Individual faculty members assess student achievement of outcomes as a part of the normal educational process.