Student Residency Policy and Procedures

Classification of New Students

Beginning in August 2013, UAMS implemented a policy for student resident status classifications.  The policy establishes specific criteria associated with requests for reclassification from non-resident to resident status, and establishes a process for reviewing applications of eligible applicants and students seeking reclassification.

The UAMS policy – 3.2.1 standards and processes for determining student residency status for tuition purposes – provides that initial classification and is based on the state of legal residence as provided in the application for admission.  New, accepted students will receive a letter from the program or college that will include a resident status classification as either resident or non-resident.  Students who feel that the classification is incorrect should contact the appropriate College Admissions Office to discuss corrections.

Accepted Students Eligibility to Apply for Reclassification

Accepted students classified as non-resident may be eligible to request a change in their initial classification. Applicants are eligible when they meet the following criteria:

1.  Lived in Arkansas for at least 12 months

– While not a student

– Consecutive months

– Permanent residence (fixed address) = NOT a dorm or PO Box

– Can be a rental address

– 12 months as of time of application

Documentation required: (a. and b. are mandatory; up to 4, where applicable)

a.  Housing agreement (deed, lease, etc.) with applicant’s name listed. A dormitory room in a campus residence hall or a PO Box does not qualify as a bona fide domicile.

b.  Arkansas voter registration

c.  Arkansas driver’s license, if applicable

d.  Arkansas vehicle registration, if applicable

2.  Intends to remain in the state beyond graduation.

Documentation required:  A written statement supporting a permanent connection to the state, e.g., family, social or job opportunities, to be provided on the application (Q 30.).

3.  Earned at least $4000 in the twelve consecutive months prior to applying

Documentation required:  Pay stubs or other verification of Arkansas wages or salary.

Applicant Reclassification Deadlines

Applicants who have been accepted into an education program who are eligible for reclassification must submit a completed Application for Change in Residency Status by the following college deadlines:

College of Medicine                                        Dec. 1

College of Pharmacy                                       April 15

College of Nursing                                          April 30

College of Public Health                                 April 15

College of Health Professions                        August 1

Graduate School                                             Last day to register

The appropriate college Admissions Officer will review the application and make a determination. In the event that the circumstances and/or evidence are difficult to evaluate, the Admissions Officer may send the application to the Office of the University Registrar to make a determination. Both the Admissions Officer and the OUR may request additional information from the applicant including an interview. The applicant must satisfactorily respond to the request in order for the application to be considered.

Reclassification of Continuing Students

Returning non-resident students may be eligible to seek a reclassification for the subsequent academic year by submitting the Application for Change in Residency Status. Students enrolled in the 2016-17 year may apply for a reclassification for the 2017-18 year. Applications must be submitted to the appropriate college Registrar’s office by April 30. The standards and criteria for applicants to establish Arkansas residency are the same as those for students seeking reclassification.

Eligible students must submit a completed application to the Office of the University Registrar no later than April 30th.

Reclassification Scenarios

UAMS has developed 15 classification scenarios that provide clear answers to many of the most common questions applicants and students have with respect to residency reclassification. The scenarios are written as personal accounts representing situations in which applicants will and will not be reclassified.


Before completing an application students are strongly encouraged to review the the full policy and to read the classification scenarios that provide answers to many of the most common residency reclassification situations.  After reading the scenarios and the policy, applicants should call their respective Registrars Office to discuss the circumstances that exist to support a reclassification. The Registrar can provide valuable information about the residency reclassification process. Applicants should also understand implications to student aid status that could result from a change of status by contacting Student Financial Services. Applicants and students who feel that they are eligible to to apply can download the Application for Change in Residency Status.


Applications that are rejected may be appealed to the Provost, whose decision will be final.  Please review the full appeals process contained in the residency reclassification policy.


Updated 1/20/2017