Office of Institutional Studies

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Studies

The Office of Institutional Studies (OIS) collects and shares a range of data to support planning and administration efforts throughout the University. The Office also serves as the contact point for requests from external institutions about the University. We are responsible for accurate and timely submission of mandated Federal and State reports.

UAMS Institutional Studies and Educational Data

Student and Education Data

  1. Applicants (Applications, Acceptances, and Enrollment)
  2. Student Enrollments and Headcounts
  3. Student Enrollment by County
  4. Graduates
  5. Special Reports

Student Outcomes

  1. Includes Retention, Graduation, Job Placement & Exam Pass Rates

Institutional Profile Data

  1. Employees and Faculty
  2. Research
  3. Patient Care
  4. Finance
  5. Development
  6. Economic Security Report

OIS Mission

The Office of Institutional Studies prepares mandatory reports required by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, the U.S. Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission and responds to internal and external ad hoc inquiries and requests for data and analysis.  The office also provides management information and analytical support to University’s decision makers in order to support strategic planning and policy-making.

OIS Primary Functions

  • developing, collecting, and communicating measures of institutional effectiveness
  • providing management information and policy analysis
  • promoting the university’s planning process
  • compiling and reporting mandated information

Request for Data/Information

The Office of Institutional Studies supplies chiefly education data but may also be able to supply limited information on education programs, faculty and other selected institutional information, for example, annual extramural research awards.

If you would like to request data from the Office of Institutional Studies, please email Elizabeth Bard ( or Jean Chen ( to submit your request.

Data Request Form (coming soon)


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Updated 3/3/2017